What is an Official Community Plan?

An Official Community Plan (OCP) is a document that sets out high-level vision and policies for our community. The OCP is the primary tool that guides the future development of the community and serves as the foundation for all policies, regulations, and decisions about land use and development. The OCP provides guidance for economic, environmental, and social well-being; the provision of amenities and services, and transportation. The OCP is the blueprint and map for our community’s future.

All municipalities are expected to create and regularly update an OCP that reflects the community’s values and provides direction for meeting anticipated needs. Municipalities are authorized to create and adopt the Official Community Plan through the Local Government Act in British Columbia. The Local Government Actprescribes the general content and format of the OCP and sets out the process for adopting the plan. It contains a comprehensive policy framework that will guide the physical, environmental, economic, social, and cultural development of our community. The OCP is one of the three fundamental elements of local government direction in BC, along with the Annual Budget and Five Year Capital Plan.