PRESS RELEASE - A Message from Mayor McCormick regarding the new Automated Garbage Collection Service

June 14, 2018

Regarding the New Garbage Carts

There has been lots of discussion about the new garbage carts, inevitably not all positive.  It is a fairly substantial change.  Kimberley has a very difficult geography in which to implement a City-wide change like this. City staff request your patience and cooperation as we work through the change.

Regarding the Size of the Garbage Carts

The 120 litre volume is 22% smaller than the previous 2-can allowance of 154 litres.  For those that used to fill 154 litres, there are two options. The first is to take the challenge to reduce the amount of garbage you produce. Most would agree that reducing our volume of garbage is an important consideration that all of us should be trying to do, perhaps more recycling will result from this automated system and help our community become more sustainable. If you find it impossible to reduce the volume of garbage you are producing, then the City will make a larger volume can available, with some additional charge to be determined.  We ask that you try the new carts for a few weeks and then decide if more is volume is needed.

Regarding those that Wish to take their own Garbage to the Transfer Station

Many people take their garbage to the transfer station for a variety of reasons. You are certainly open to do that; however, there will be no elimination of the garbage utility charge should you decide to do that. The new cart remains with the home and is property of the City of Kimberley.

Regarding Curb-Side Pickup

This is a change for those that have been putting their garbage cans in the laneways.  Again, we ask that you try the new system for a few weeks and we will use the experience to understand and rectify any issues that are discovered over that time. The time you are to put your garbage out for collection has not changed, it is still no earlier than 5:00 a.m., but not later than 7:00 a.m. on the day of collection.

Regarding Bears and other Animals

Animal resistant carts are not being used across the City for a few reasons.  The only truly bear-proof carts are made of steel and secured to the ground, and are not suitable for residential use.  Animal resistant carts have latches to hold the lid down. Those latches need to be released at the curb or the cart won’t empty, and in the wintertime the latches can freeze. Only a few neighborhoods have animal issues severe enough to warrant those carts. The City will be making animal resistant carts available to those that need them, with some additional charge to be determined, but only after the implementation of the City-wide change is completed.

Regarding Recycling and Composting

The new system has the potential for growth into recycling and even compost carts. At this time, Green Earth Recycling, a private contractor, will pick up recycling at your residence and composting is available at Cominco Gardens and the volunteer ran Community Gardens, located beside the Aquatic Centre and beside Centennial Field.

It make sense to implement one change at a time, and as we have seen from the many comments so far, making change work is not easy. This change in garbage collection is more efficient, less costly and safer to workers than how the City has historically been collecting garbage. Garbage rates have been reduced this year to reflect this. We ask for your cooperation in making the change a positive one.

Mayor Don McCormick