Top Interest Areas

As with every community, Kimberley has topical issues, areas of interest, and discussion points that are front of mind and that are relevant today. Here you'll find these topics gathered together and more information on each. This page will change over time and reflect the top interest areas of the day.


Kimberley’s SunMine project is a unique initiative that began operating in July 2015.    The 1.05 MW (megawatt) solar project is B.C.’s first grid-connected solar facility, as well as being Canada’s largest project to use solar trackers.

SunMine consists of 4,032 solar-cell modules mounted on 96 trackers which follow the suns movement, thereby maximizing solar exposure.  The German-engineered trackers provide as much as 38% more energy than a fixed system.  The trackers capitalize on the electricity generated during the morning and evening, peak demand times when BC Hydro has the greatest need for electricity and pays a premium for it.

This 1.05 MWp project is intended to provide a platform that can be expanded to up to 200 MWp in the future.

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Mark Creek Flume

Kimberley is fortunate to have a healthy, abundant source of water – Mark Creek – that is large enough to serve the needs of the entire community. Mark Creek flows right through downtown Kimberley, and many residences and businesses are located very close to its banks. Each year during spring freshet – the period of high water resulting from snow melt and increased precipitation – the creek rises significantly, posing a threat of flooding. Following a devastating flood in 1948, in which many homes and entire streets were lost or damaged, the City undertook the straightening and armouring of the channel through town. In 2011, the City began a long-term project to replace the flume as well as rehabilitate and naturalize the Mark Creek channel.

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Water Quality / Turbidity Index

Kimberley is fortunate to have exceptionally clean water, but we keep a close eye on it nonetheless. Clean water is essential to maintaining good health – for people and the environment.

The City of Kimberley monitors water quality on a daily basis and assesses it according to the Turbidity Index. The Turbidity Index on the website is updated every weekday with the turbidity results.

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