Mosquito Control Program 2019

May 10, 2019

The annual  mosquito control program has been underway since mid-April.   Local field staff have been sampling and treating developing larval mosquito populations in ground-accessible sites since then.  

Snow melt and water accumulations in many sloughs and swampy areas surrounding the City, and on the ski hill and adjacent golf course are now active. Aerial ( Helicopter) applications for the annual mosquito control program are scheduled for Monday, 13 May. The application is not a spray and the sites are treated with a granular, corn cob product coated with a heat-killed bacteria. The larvicide, VectoBac 200G,  is specific to mosquito and blackfly larvae and has no effect on fish, amphibians, wildlife, pets, livestock and other mammals, including humans. Interested residents are encouraged to visit the City’s webpage, or the program consultants at to learn more about mosquitos and their control.