Garbage Schedules and Information

The City of Kimberley started automated garbage collection beginning on June 12th, 2018. The City purchased a new automated garbage collection truck to replace the manual trucks that have been in service since 2005.  Every City residence that currently receives City garbage collection will continue to receive the new service, and garbage will continue to be collected on a weekly basis. Each residence has been provided with a standard 120-litre garbage collection cart.  Only these City-issued carts will be emptied by the new automated garbage truck on collection days.

The collection carts belong to the City, are inventoried, and each one assigned to one address.  The carts are marked, so the City will be able to track the carts and determine where it belongs if one goes missing. It will be the resident’s responsibility to keep the cart clean and in good condition. Each cart has a unique serial number on the side.  It is recommended that you write that number down, so you can then easily identify your cart.

Pick-up begins at 7:00 am, and garbage must not be set out before 5:00 am on garbage collection day – unattended garbage attracts bears and other wildlife.  

FRONT STREET PICKUP: The collection routes have been reviewed and revised as necessary to maximize the efficiency of the automated collection system.  Most residential garbage collection will shift to street-front pickup (rather than alleys/lanes). There are some residential locations where street-front is not feasible and exceptions will be made and communicated to those residences by City Staff.


NEW ROUTE INFORMATION: Garbage collection in Kimberley is handled via routes that are regularly scheduled Tuesday through Friday each week. Find out when garbage will be collected in your neighbourhood.

MAP: To view the garbage schedule map click HERE


2018 REVISED Holiday Waste Collection Schedule

2019 Holiday Waste Collection Schedule


  • Place carts out for collection no earlier than 5:00am and no later than 7:00am on your collection day
  • All regular household garbage may be placed inside the cart.
  • Waste must be bagged and tied, just like you currently prepare waste for your current garbage can. This will prevent garbage from becoming airborne as well as help keep your cart clean. Anything that is placed inside the cart must be able to fall freely when dumped.
  • In order to prevent odours and avoid attracting bears & other wildlife, residents will still need to securely store their garbage collection carts until their neighbourhood collection day. Please ensure that you:
    • Wash your cart out regularly with a mild non-toxic detergent.
    • Place your garbage into garbage bags inside your cart
    • Keep the lid closed at all times.
    • The maximum weight load for a cart is 59kgs (130lbs). Please keep in mind that excessive weight in your garbage cart could result in damage.

RECYCLING INFORMATION: No recyclable materials will be collected.  All yard and garden waste, paper, cardboard, glass containers, etc. are to be taken to the Kimberley Transfer Station at 800 Jim Ogilvie Way.  There are also yellow bins set out in key locations around the City for recycling paper, cardboard, tin & aluminum cans and plastic milk jugs. 

The Recycling Program and the Transfer Station are managed by the Regional District of the East Kootenay (RDEK).  Please click on the following links for more information on recycling and on what is accepted at the Transfer Station:

To read the current Solid Waste Rates & Regulations Bylaw No 2520, 2015, click HERE


City of Kimberley Garbage Collection Schedule


Route I – Tuesday (approx. 860 pick up’s) (Commercial pickup to be phased out by Dec. 2018)

  • All of Blarchmont (upper & lower)
  • Norton/Swan Area
  • Upper Chapman Camp
  • Rotary Drive
  • Kimbrook Crescent 

Route II – Wednesday​ (approx. 850 pick up’s)

  • Marysville
  • Sunflower Drive
  • Lower Chapman Camp 

Route III – Thursday (approx. 880 pick up’s)

  • Townsite
  • Morrison Sub
  • Wallinger Ave to Burdett Street
  • Mark Street to Rotary Drive
  • Church Avenue and Downtown 

Route IV – Friday (approx. 370 pick up’s) (Commercial pickup to be phased out by Dec. 2018)

  • Ski Hill
  • Forest Crowne 

For more information, please contact the Operations  Department at 250.427.9660 or