Why should I care about the OCP?

 Kimberley’s current OCP was adopted in 2005, shortly after Kimberley began the transition from a mining economy to a tourist economy. It has helped to ensure that local decision-making takes a long-term view of Kimberley’s success as a community, but is in need of update and revision. It has been amended a number of times since, but has never been updated or revised.

The OCP provides a useful and tangible policy tool and guide for the citizens of the community, the development community, and the City Council. It provides a clear outline of the City’s intentions with regard to future land uses and servicing across the community and it states, in general terms, the social, economic, and environmental objectives of the community. Council is guided by the OCP on decisions related to land use, development, infrastructure and other matters. The OCP embodies comprehensive guidelines for diverse needs of our community. It is intended to provide a unified approach to achieving our goals and ensuring an even brighter future.