Our Story

Kimberley is a community. It is a story of people, sharing their stories and lives with one another, guests and visitors, businesses and organizations. Kimberley is a diverse group of people with many perspectives, ideas, imaginations and desires. The people in Kimberley live, learn, play and work in many different ways and yet, though Kimberley is comprised of many individuals, it is a community because those individuals share their lives and stories with each other.

Kimberley is simultaneously a mining town, a resort and a tourism destination, known to some as the Bavarian City of the Rockies, a place to grow up, and a place to retire to. It is many things all at once and it is not stagnant, it continues to evolve. At this stage of opportunity, possibility and transition, it would be impractical to suggest that Kimberley exists in a singular capacity.

Kimberley is in a period of unprecedented change, and as it grows into its next chapter of possibility this community is intentionally and deliberately “A good place to be.”