Incentive Programs & Rebates

The City of Kimberley offers incentive programs and rebates from time to time to encourage energy efficiency and/or new investment in the community.

Current initiatives are:

Energy Efficient Building Incentive Program

The City of Kimberley’s Energy Efficient Building Incentive Program encourages energy efficient new building construction in Kimberley.  This program is intended to encourage builders to employ energy efficient techniques and build with materials that will reduce the energy demand associated with the heating and cooling of buildings.  Eligible projects will be refunded a percentage of Building Permit fees based on the EnerGuide rating of the building after the project is completed.

Eligibility for the Rebate

  • All new buildings (residential and commercial) with Building Permits (BP) issued after January 1, 2018 are eligible for an initial rebate of $500 off the BP cost, subject to the completion of pre-construction EnergGuide evaluation report based on the building plans. This will offset the fees associated with a certified Energy Advisor. More details can be found in the Energy Efficient Building Incentive Program Guide and Application.
  • An Energy Efficient Building Incentive Program Application (attached to the guide) must be submitted for each project to confirm eligibility.  Projects must involve a Building Permit  in order to be eligible for the rebate.
  • Following project completion, an EnerGuide Energy Efficiency Evaluation report from a registered Energy Advisor must be submitted showing either the final EnerGuide level or BC Energy Step Code Level for a new building.
  • Rebates will only be issued after completion of the Building Permit final inspection and the issuance of an Occupancy Certificate.
  • The rebate amount for new buildings will be determined by the EnerGuide rating of the completed building as set out below:
EnerGuide rating v15 based on post-construction assessment Rebate Amount (% of Building Permit fee)
10% better than ref. house 10%
20% better than ref. house 20%
40% better than ref. house 40%
25kWh/m2/year (50% better+) 60%

Contact the Building Inspector at 250.427.9655 or for more information.

Investment Incentive Program

The Kimberley Investment Incentive Program provides opportunities for municipal tax exemption to encourage investment in commercial and industrial properties, cultivate business opportunities and support business retention and expansion.

For more information, click on this link:  Investment Incentive Program Details