Kimberley's future is bright with the completion of the SunMine solar electricity facility.

The $5.3 million SunMine project has 4,032 solar-cell modules, mounted on 96 solar trackers which follow the sun’s movement to maximize solar exposure.

BC's largest solar project, Canada's largest solar tracking facility, and the first solar project in B.C. to sell power to the BC Hydro grid, SunMine provides 1 Megawatt peak production or enough to power about 250 homes in BC.

SunMine began commercial operation June 22, 2015. For pictures and more information visit


SunMine Referendum - Frequently Asked Questions


In Operation - Press Release - July 27, 2015

SunMine has been jointly developed by Kimberley, EcoSmart, a non-profit organization based in Vancouver, and Teck Resources Limited, the former operator of the Sullivan Mine and owner of the industrial site.